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Nowadays, most people consider their pets as part of their family and choose to feed them accordingly. While working as a veterinary assistant I often heard pet owners request recommendations for healthy snacks and treats options. After hearing the providers I worked with repeat the same ingredients on a daily basis, I created Paw-Some Treats, a line of healthier and more appealing pet treats. Paw-Some Treats offers both protein and vegetable-based treats great for cats and dogs.

Paw-Some Treats are perfect for all ages and breeds and can be used for training, filling up enrichment toys or just spoiling your fur babies! We offer a variety of recipes that cater to animals and owners with food allergies and sensitivities. We also encourage customers to make suggestions on ingredients or flavors we should add to our line. Join our Paw-Some Pals when you place your order today to keep up with products and promotions! 

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